Quantum: Prince Rupert Fishing Charters

Northern British Columbia, Canada

Our Charter has all the gear you need for a great saltwater fishing trip. We provide a wide array of fishing gear for both salmon fishing and halibut fishing for your ocean fishing charter. Whether it is a level wind or the classic knuckle buster we have what you need to land the big one. Instruction on all fishing gear is provided and one of the crew is always available to assist in landing your catch. Once in the net, your charter crew will dress and bag your catch and then place them in our onboard coolers where they will remain fresh until your return to Prince Rupert. If you require further processing, facilities are available in Prince Rupert to smoke, freeze, or candy your salmon, as well as box your fish for your flight home. Come for your halibut charter or salmon charter! Fishing Prince Rupert!

Meet Your Captain

Norm Acker

Prince Rupert Fishing with Quantum Charters and amazing salmon Owner/Captain Norm Acker was born and raised to fish. As soon as I could hold a fishing rod I was fishing with my father. At the age of 13yrs I began commercial fishing, salmon, Halibut herring and crab as industry progress we remain avid in the crabbing. My Father and myself were fishing the waters from British Columbia to Alaska as long as I can remember. We have survived some of the harshest weather in the Pacific. While fishing with Quantum Fishing Charters Prince Rupert, our first concern is your safety. Your captain takes every precaution to ensure the safety of its passengers and crew. I met my wife in beautiful Prince Rupert were we were both born and raised we have 4 beautiful kids and teaching my wife and kids how to fish has been one of the joys you can’t replace ....love to fish and want to share in the experience and knowledge I have on the west coast. So if it’s fish you want, just want to sightsee, or perhaps whale watching we are more than glad to share a long lasting experience and memories with some of most scenic coast line at our door step. And if you share an interest in river fishing we can do both so I truly hope to see you there! Tight lines and good fishing, the bites on!

Warm Regards,
Norm Acker

Your Captain is fully qualified:

  • Certification of Completion Masters Limited Northwest Community College
  • Transport Canada Marine Emergencies Duties A2
  • Marine Advanced First Aid
  • Restricted Radio Operator‘s Certificate ROC-MC
  • PCOC Personal Water Craft

When to Catch Salmon and Halibut

The Prince Rupert Fishing Season

fishing charter season catch tableThe BC fishing season on Canada‘s Northwest coast starts at the end of May with the arrival of the Chinook salmon, also referred to as King Salmon. The salmon spend their time here feeding to prepare for their trip to the spawning rivers of British Columbia. In these rich, productive waters we often see salmon reach a size of over 70 lbs. Salmon 30 lbs. or over are classified as "Tyee" and are the prize catch for any saltwater sport fishing angler on BC's coast. The Chinook salmon fishing stays strong through June and into July when the Coho and Pink salmon make their appearance. Coho or Silvers grow rapidly over the summer and reach a size of 20 lbs by September. They are excellent fighters and their acrobatics often earn them their freedom from less skillful anglers. Halibut fishing is strong throughout the season with last year's biggest halibut weighing in at close to 340 lbs. Most halibut are in the 15 to 25 lb range, which provides excellent eating. You never know when a monster halibut from the deep water might take your bait; the coast has seen halibut up to 300 lbs in the past.